Head Saver, Head Protectors, Head Protection, Elderly Head Protection
Head Saver, Head Protectors, Head Protection, Elderly Head Protection
Head Saver, Head Protectors, Head Protection, Elderly Head Protection
HeadSaver - The Impact Test Validated Soft Head Protector

Effective Head Protection with HeadSaver Products

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Comfort and ease of use are just two of the benefits enjoyed by all HeadSaver users, from Nursing Home residents and staff to active, independent seniors.

Although we emphasize the importance of our head protection products for the elderly, HeadSaver is the right head protector choice for all with concerns about falling or with medical conditions such as Epilepsy, Parkinson's Disease, or Cerebral Palsy, which make them unsteady on their feet.

HeadSavers are available for both male and females, designed to fit the lifestyles and specific needs of those who use them. They are available in two sizes which are fully Velcro adjustable to fit most people. When placed on the head Headsaver offers an extremely comfortable fit that holds the HeadSaver in place so that during a fall the HeadSaver should not come off the head. If additional securing to the wearers head is required a Velcro detachable chin strap with clip is provided with every HeadSaver.

So why shouldn't a head protector look like any ordinary headwear?

We believe that dignity (and fashion!) are everyones right. That's why we have designed and developed various head coverings to "dress up" the HeadSaver soft head protector. Whether it's a sun hat, winter beanie or a fashionable scarf, they are all available as optional items, are easily fiitted and can be changed in an instant.

HeadSaver Soft Head Protector HeadSaver SunHat HeadSaver HeadScarf HeadSaver Beanie

HeadSaver Soft Head Protector

HeadSaver With Sun Hat

HeadSaver With Pink Scarf

HeadSaver With Beanie

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Quality is Assured ARTG - Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods HeadSaver soft head protectors New Product!
Extract from an e mail from an Australian customer:

"I was very doubtful about the idea of a helmet, I thought it may make me look like an 'idiot' and get people staring, pointing, even making abusive comments but that has NEVER happened, the only time the helmet has been mentioned is by friends in a positive way, Good to see you have one, it suits you etc. Others came up with ideas of a rugby helmet or similar but I didn't like the idea, I didn't think it would be pleasant to wear one 12 hours or whatever each day and also have to take it off going into banks etc defeating the purpose. Not once has anyone challenged me with the HeadSaver.
Before getting the HeadSaver I had seizures requiring my head to be stapled 6 times. I believe the helmet has saved me once, probably twice as I had falls where I had blood coming through the breathing holes but other than a headache that is the only problem I have had. And the blood has cleaned out relatively easily." 

Bruce Major

Important Note

While HeadSaver can achieve excellent and impressive results, no product can claim to be 100% effective all of the time. HeadSaver is not guaranteed to work in every individual instance. HeadSaver is not suitable to be used as a head protector either in an industrial or construction environment nor for sporting activities. The HeadSaver is not designed to protect the head from falling objects. Therefore, HealthSaver Pty Ltd and HeadSaver make no implied or express guarantee that their products will prevent injury.
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