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HeadSavers by Healthsaver Australia
HeadSaver soft head protector close up
beanie hat for headsaver
Sun Hat to fit HeadSaver head protector
Blue scarf to cover HeadSaver

HeadSaver Head Protector. Available in 2 sizes -

small/medium and medium/large

Beanie to suit HeadSaver. One size fits all

Sun Hat to suit HeadSaver. Two sizes to suit HeadSaver

HeadSavers are available in two sizes which are fully Velcro adjustable to fit most people. When placed on the head Headsaver offers an extremely comfortable fit that holds the HeadSaver in place so that during a fall the HeadSaver should not come off the head. If additional securing to the wearers head is required a Velcro detachable chin strap with clip is provided with every HeadSaver. There are 3 coverings available to dress up HeadSaver in style- the classic beanie, the practical sun hat, and the very stylish headscarf. HeadSaver - the only stylish soft head protector thats scientifically validated!

HeadSaver all soft head protector

Blue Scarf to suit HeadSaver. One size fits all

Headsaver scarf ro cover the HeadSaver

Pink Scarf to suit HeadSaver. One size fits all

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