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Head Injury a Key Risk in Senior Falls

Reduce the Risk of Devastating Head Injury with HeadSaver™. The Stylish, Lightweight, Comfortable Head Protector

One in three seniors aged 65 and older fall with 30 percent requiring medical treatment. Severe injury often results as the veins and arteries of older people are more vulnerable to a sudden blow or jolt to the head.



Don't take the risk.....

The Very Serious Social and Economical Impact of Head Injuries

Head injury is a very serious social and medical health injury that directly impacts on the social and political economy


These injuries include  cuts, bruising, broken noses etc. The impact on their families and caregivers is immense. Head injuries, resulting from falls, are among the most serious form of injury which can lead to death and one of the main causes of nonfatal injuries that limit independent living among people 65 years and older. While medications, such as sedatives and anti-anxiety drugs, often increase the risk of falls and fall-related injuries, poor vision, and just difficulty in moving from place to place put the elderly at risk of a fall that results in a fatal or debilitating head injury.


Head Injuries are Preventable

Seniors often develop a fear of falling, causing them to limit activities which leads to reduced mobility. Wearing a HeadSaver can restore confidence of motion to the elderly, both preserving physical health and increasing senior mobility.

HeadSaver - The Right Choice for Head Protection 

Studies show that the effectiveness of any head protector relies on the compliance of the user. HeadSaver's design characterists increases wearer compliance as HeadSaver has been designed with the user in mind. Stylish, lightweight and comfortable to wear, HeadSaver is available in a range of styles to suit all adults, including the elderly in nursing home settings to those seniors who participate daily in exercise programs and even robust activities, such as jogging.


Whether you require head protection for your personal use, or for your loved ones, or are seeking head protection for your Group Home, Nursing Home, or other Institution, use this web site to research the facts on head and brain injuries, then browse the different HeadSaver styles available to find the right HeadSaver product for your needs.

While HeadSaver can achieve excellent and impressive results, no product can claim to be 100% effective all of the time. HeadSaver is not guaranteed to work in every individual instance. HeadSaver is not suitable to be used as a head protector either in an industrial or construction environment nor for sporting activities. The HeadSaver is not designed to protect the head from falling objects. Therefore, HealthSaver Pty Ltd and HeadSaver make no implied or express guarantee that their products will prevent injury.


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