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Smart Caregiver Fall Alarms

Welcome to HealthSaver's Smart Caregiver Fall Alarms, your trusted solution for bed alarms, fall detection, and alert devices. Specialising in fall monitor technology for the elderly and those at risk, we provide the ultimate peace of mind for caregivers and families. Our innovative fall detection devices for seniors are designed with care and precision, ensuring safety and comfort.

The Smart Caregiver range of fall prevention products is designed to help caregivers eliminate falls with early notification that a person at fall or wandering risk is about to get up and walk or wander. Caregivers can attend to that person and assist them before a fall occurs. Whether for a caregiver at home, a nursing facility, an aged care facility, or an assisted living facility needing a quiet, audible, and /or visual fall prevention or anti-wandering system, we have a solution.

Smart Caregiver Fall Alarms: Advanced Protection for the Vulnerable

At HealthSaver, we understand the critical importance of fall prevention in healthcare facilities and homes. Our Smart Caregiver Fall Alarms range is at the forefront of elderly fall detection, offering sophisticated technology to alert caregivers promptly. These devices, including bed alarms and fall alert systems, play a vital role in preventing accidents among the elderly and those with mobility issues.

Ensuring Safety with High-Tech Fall Detection Devices

Our fall detection devices are engineered for accuracy and ease of use. From sensitive bed alarms that detect the slightest movement to advanced fall alert devices that provide immediate notifications, our products are designed for seamless integration into the daily lives of users and caregivers alike.

Floor Pad Alarm – A Versatile Safety Tool

HealthSaver is also your trusted partner in fall and pressure injury prevention. Our latest innovation, the Sensor Mat for Elderly, epitomises safety and reliability in fall prevention. This advanced falls mat for elderly is a crucial addition to any hospital, aged care facility, or home environment, ensuring round-the-clock monitoring and peace of mind.

The bed sensor mat for elderly is designed to detect any untoward movement, triggering an alarm mat for elderly, thus alerting caregivers instantly.

Embrace a new level of care and safety with our falls sensor mat and floor pad alarm, tailored for those who matter most.

Falls Mat Alarm – Your Reliable Safety Companion

Ourfalls mat alarm is a key feature of the Sensor Mat, offering an extra layer of protection.

How It Works

  • Instant Alert Mechanism: On detecting a fall, the mat sends an instant alert to the designated caregiver or monitoring system.


  • Rapid Response Capability: Enables caregivers to react swiftly, potentially preventing serious injuries.

Bed Sensor Mat for Elderly – Ensuring Night-Time Safety

Night-time can pose additional risks for the elderly. Our bed sensor mat is specifically designed to address these concerns.

Special Features

  • Night-Time Monitoring: Offers continuous monitoring during the night, ensuring immediate alerts in case of falls.


  • Restful Nights for Residents: Provides a sense of security, contributing to better sleep and overall well-being.

The Significance of Reliable Fall Monitor Systems for the Elderly

Elderly fall detection is more than just technology; it's about safeguarding dignity and independence. HealthSaver's fall monitor systems for the elderly are developed with this philosophy in mind, ensuring that seniors can enjoy their everyday life with confidence, knowing that help is always close at hand.

Fall Detection Devices for Seniors: A Blend of Technology and Compassion

Our fall detection devices for seniors combine cutting-edge technology with user-friendly designs. These devices not only detect falls but also provide essential data that can help caregivers and medical professionals in creating more effective care plans.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Bed Alarms: Sensitive and reliable, our bed alarms provide early warning signs, preventing falls before they happen.
  • Fall Alert Devices: Immediate notifications ensure swift action, reducing the risk of serious injury.
  • Comprehensive Fall Monitor Systems: Tailored to individual needs, our fall monitors offer peace of mind for both users and caregivers.
  • User-Friendly Designs: Easy to set up and operate, ensuring comfort and convenience.

Check Out More Products

Your loved one's safety and well-being are our top priorities at HealthSaver. With our Smart Caregiver Fall Alarms, you're not just purchasing a product; you're investing in a safer, more secure future for those you care about. Don't wait for an accident to happen. Equip your home or healthcare facility with our reliable fall detection systems today. Visit our website, explore our range of products, and make a wise decision for the safety of your loved ones.

Order now and embrace a safer tomorrow with HealthSaver's advanced fall detection solutions!

Please Note:

  • All bed/chair sensor pads or floor mats must be connected to a Smart Caregiver Monitor to operate.
  • Due to the higher shipping cost because of their physical size and weight, the shipping cost of the Floor Mats is $50 for the largest ones and $25 for the smallest ones. All other items remain at $15.95 shipping cost per order.

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